Design Capabilities

3D Metal Moulding offers a cost effective way of using exotic materials that may be difficult to machine, such as Inconel, Hastelloy and Titanium.

The following can all be moulded into the part if required, removing the need for costly secondary operations:

  • Text or logos
  • Blind or through holes
  • Batch codes, part numbers or date stamps
  • Internal and external threads
  • Serrations and knurling
  • The moulded parts have equivalent properties to wrought materials and can be heat treated, plated, polished or welded if required.
  • Density is controlled to within 95-98%.
  • Maximum footprint 2500mm²
    Maximum length 100mm
  • Keyways or marks to aid assembly can be incorporated
  • Optimum weight <50g
  • Amalgamation of parts. 3D Metal Moulding can combine a number of parts into one component, making it less likely to break and reducing costly secondary operations
  • Wall sections 0.2-5mm
  • Standard working tolerance +/- 0.5% of a dimension – can be improved through secondary operations or tooling development if required
  • Parts manufactured to their net shape – reducing wastage