What is 3D Metal Moulding?

3D Metal Moulding is used to manufacture components with complex geometries. The process uses metal powders mixed with polymer binders (known as feedstock) which are then injection moulded to achieve the desired shape. The process is also referred to as Metal Injection Moulding (MIM).

Thermal processing

After moulding, the parts are thermally processed to remove the binding agent and then sintered to a high density metal component, with mechanical properties comparable to wrought materials.

Intricate metal moulding

3D Metal Moulding can be used to achieve intricate and complex 3D geometries that may have previously been either very difficult or prohibitively expensive to produce using traditional manufacturing methods.

Metal injection moulding

The process produces significantly less wastage than 5 axis CNC machining, resulting in reduced costs, and lead times can be considerably quicker. Once the initial tooling is made, parts can be replicated at very high volumes in a fraction of the time it would take to deliver the same quantities using machining.