Why Choose 3D Metal Moulding?

3D Metal Moulding offers a number of benefits over traditional manufacturing using 5 axis CNC machines.

Less wastage

Less wastage – it only uses the exact volume of material required to achieve the net part. This significantly reduces costs for both material purchase and scrappage recycling

Quicker lead times

Quicker lead times – once the tooling is finalised huge volumes of consistently high quality parts can be produced

intricate parts

Achieve intricate parts with complex geometries – details can be moulded into the part, reducing the need for costly secondary operations

Increased material choice

Increased material choice – parts can be moulded from a wide range of materials including exotic metals

Volume production

Volume production – 3D Metal Moulding is perfect for volumes of 1000+, but can also be more cost effective for smaller quantities depending on the material

Facilitate reshoring

Facilitate reshoring – costs competitive with international suppliers can enable parts production to come back to the UK